SIGNS OF GOD-STIGMATA-Katia, St. Padre Pio, St. Francis of Assisi and more

For the unbelievers this may be just sensationalism, for the believers all things are possible. Our God is a God of impossibilities who makes things possible.

JESUS CHRIST REACHING OUT TO US.                                                                             THE MESSAGE HASN’T CHANGED…..IT’S  GENTLE AND YOUR CHOICE TO BE MADE ALONE….”REPENT AND BELIEVE IN THE SAVOUR JESUS CHRIST………..”   I JUST WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO BE AWARE AND THEN DECIDE                                             Science tests faith:

Well known investigative reporter Michael Willesee rediscovers his faith in his 50s, through his personal experience and live reporting of miracles within the Catholic Church. In 1998 he made a report entitled Signs From God on the appearance of stigmata displayed by a woman, Katya Revas, in Bolivia among other miracles. Scientists put these miracles to the test live on TV hosted by the Fox Broadcasting

Click on the link below for an interview with Michael Willesee

I have always respected Michael Willesee’s work… from an atheists to convert.      Here below, are three people but there are more, who have had the stigmata,             Katia, Padre Pio and St. Francis of Assisi.

I have been on a pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy where St. Padre Pio lived and I have seen the numerous pairs of gloves that he wore which have become relics of his stigmata.  St. Padre Pio has been attributed with many miracles through his intercessions and because of this, people have donated to build a very beautiful, modern cathedral that has been built from donations that have come from all over the world and it is breathtaking.   Multitudes visit and pray.