It’s easy to wallow in self pity and feel sorry for yourself, but that’s like a cancer, it just grows and with it comes more misery and self pity. It really never gets you anywhere.The enemy will put fear into you because he is the master of deception. Fear is often unfounded and often we exaggerate it because we predict into the future.  We all live in the world but we don’t have to be part of that. Fear does not come from God, it is put into our hearts by the enemy. Instead, we can surrender to God and allow Him to solve our problems because He has the big picture and He has the best solution for you. Just pray and trust in God and His Son JESUS CHRIST.

There are many things that separate us from God. These are: worshipping yourself(body image), money, careers, cars, property etc………. don’t get me wrong, God doesn’t want you to be poor. God wants you to have what is best for you and for you to focus on the things that are good and praiseworthy.

I don’t think I’m alone here, I believe we all go through doubt and fear (see other blog post (FEAR) but I always find my way when I think of myself as a victor because I know who I am in Christ. Praying to Jesus who knows me better than anyone else, even better than myself,  can steer me in the right direction and towards the best possible solution.

You need to know who you are in Christ and stand firm. Speak up for God. Pray and ask Him and let Him work out your problems through the Holy Spirit who can transform your world.


You can ask Jesus what it is that He wants you to do, the answer may come in the form of a feeling, idea, thought, memory or the words to a song etc. It’s the first thing that comes to mind and don’t over analyse it, remember that Jesus has all the answers. Jesus was there when you were born, when you were growing up and He knows the heart that God the Father gave you. BE VICTORIOUS NOT A VICTIM!!




Acronym for FEAR……………………………..







The enemy wants to keep you in fear and away from God. The more the fear the more lonely you become and that’s exactly where the enemy wants to keep you. When you pray God aligns the heavenlies and sets the wheel in motion. You need to wait, trust and allow God to work in your favour. The answer may come to you in different forms, perhaps not what you would have expected but God wants the best for you and His way is better than you could have ever imagined.

This prayer from St. Teresa of Avila has been of great help to me.