Reincarnation is NOT Biblical

Reincarnation not a cosmic recycling

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Watch this! What does the Bible say about reincarnation?

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We are told in the Bible that God knew us before He created us, He knew us before we were knit together in the womb. That doesn’t sound like we go from life to life. It sounds more like He planned for us from the beginning and we didn’t exist UNTIL we were knit together in our mother’s womb, soul and body.

Jesus says to the “good thief”, “Today you will be with ME in paradise!” He DID NOT say “well, in the next life you will know better” or the like. In fact, if reincarnation was so important and being that it attempts to explain the very nature of our creation, I would think it IS rather important, why did Jesus NOT teach extensively about it? On the contrary, He talked as if when we die we will go on “the path God has prepared for us” and never even mentioned reincarnation but always talked as if we all just live ONE life.

Finally how did the incarnation of Jesus happen? The soul of Jesus came into existence (the Union of God and man in the Hypostatic Union) the moment the Blessed Mother said “YES” to the angel… AT CONCEPTION. Since Jesus was “a man like us in all things except sin” it is much more logical to look AT the incarnation of Jesus as how WE happen as well, the soul created at conception. (Those who advocate abortion like to think that the soul of the aborted baby just flies around and finds parents who want him or her and thus, abortion is good all around. But, IF we consider that this soul was a unique and NEW Creation of God at conception and that the abortion denies God’s very Plan for it to live on earth at all, that carries dreadful ramifications which might be very uncomfortable for a “pro choice” individual to think about).

( Source + Net Abbey)