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I love my mother, I love being a mother and I love seeing all mothers with their families. I feel great joy when fathers love their wives and the mothers of their children and then doing things together and sharing each other’s company.

I believe in the unique and significant gifts and roles mothers and fathers play in the upbringing of their children and God’s children.

I have a teaching background and I have taught thousands of children and I felt that the children entrusted to me were my children as well, so I taught and cared for them like a mother.  But the ones that stood out were the ones who demonstrated virtues of :_faith in God who is the almighty and all knowing Father in Heaven and the One who is unequalled and who is greater than them, hard work, openness to learn, respect, humbleness, assertiveness, inclusiveness and empathy.

Where do all these great virtues come from? Children learn what they live, how mothers treat their husbands, how husbands treat their wives and from the role models they have before them. The examples they experience are learnt from their parents and family members way before they reach school age. It’s not until they have learnt these fundamentals that they can express these virtues and share them with others.

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Jesus is our role model, He was born of  Mother Mary with his foster father Joseph in a loving family. This is what we should aspire to, Jesus gave Mary to us to be our mother too. Mary mother of Jesus, brings her unique love, her sacrificing love in order to give us her SON Jesus. Mary was the greatest disciple of all, when the others fled because they were too scared at the end,  Mary remained steadfast and loved Jesus with her selfless love till His last breath and beyond.

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My mother sacrificed a lot for me and my brothers and I have learnt a lot from her. My children respect my mother because they have learnt it from me-their mother and so the cycle goes on.

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I don’t claim that raising children or having taught them was easy and many a time I found it extremely hard and challenging. But I never forgot what Mary went through and I always pray to her  that she be a mother to me and my children with her unique way of reaching to Her Son Jesus and God, as my greatest intercessor of all.

So, I salute all mothers from all different walks of life and ask God to bless them with all of their heart’s desires. I continue to ask Mary the mother of Jesus and the mother of us all, for her intercession in helping us raise strong families and strong children with their husbands and fathers together in a loving family, according to God’s plan. GOD BLESS ALL MOTHERS AND FATHERS

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Please pray with me

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Mary -100th anniversary of Fatima miracle – A woman of our time, why she is still relevant today?

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“The universal motherhood of Mary”‘mother of all living’ (Pope Francis)

titles of Mary-song (click here) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWfx50CrYrw

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Universal depiction of Mary-art ( click here)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVVy7pN4_cg

On the Cross, Jesus did not proclaim Mary’s universal motherhood formally, but established a concrete maternal relationship between her and the beloved disciple John and us all. (John 19:26-27) 26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman,[a] here is your son,” 27 and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

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Our world is in turmoil right now, many of us have lost our way, people are leaving the church in droves , there is little or no regulation, relativism is growing, evil is destroying our nature – the nature that God gave us. We need to turn back to God Jesus and Mary our mother.

Mary, at Fatima in 1917, felt the need to make herself known to us because of the evil in the world. The thing is, nothing’s changed, if anything, we have not learnt by our mistakes. We need to consecrate ourselves to Her.

Jesus showed us how He listens to Mary at the wedding at Cana, this is where Jesus performed His first miracle (John 2:1-11).

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Mary is our link between Heaven and Earth, She can help you when you pray to Her.


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As we approach the 100th anniversary of the miracle of Fatima (13th May)- where Mary appeared to the three children on the 13th of the month till 13th October. there is more reason now to pray to Her.

Written recount of miracle (click here for more)

Movie version of Miracle at Fatima (click here for more)

  • Mary gave us the miracle of the son at Fatima, this was witnessed by 70,000 people.
  • Mary identified herself as our Lady of the Rosary.
  • One of those messages  was to pray the rosary. Mary had many message for the three children to pass on to the world.(see links)
  • Mary is our intercessor that can help us through her Son Jesus Christ.
  • Mary predicted, the end of the First World War and the prediction of the second. She also predicted Hiroshima, monks who were there, living the message of Fatima, were unharmed by it.
  • Mary gave the three children visions of hell and told them that praying the rosary would prevent others going to hell.
  • We’ve seen the end of the cold war, walls come down, Jubilee 2000 was a global campaign that led ultimately, to the cancellation of more than $100 billion of debt owed by 35 of the poorest countries.
  • Many catastrophes have been prevented because of Mary, our intercessory prayers have reduced the time and effects of wars.
  • Russia today has returned to international politics after it was consecrated to the heart of Mary. Saint John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square on 25 March 1984, for example, consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  More recently, Pope Francis in October 2013 consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in front of some 150,000 pilgrims in Rome.
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  • If you would like to pray the rosary but need help, here it is easy as 1,2,3,           (click here) Virtual Interactive rosary


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As a mother, whenever I play this song it moves me, as a mother I know Mary knows exactly what I am going through and through Her Son Jesus, She helps me and my family. I invite you to listen to the song below and pray this prayer for Her intercession.

If you love Jesus than you love His mother Mary, because Jesus loved her and He was of her flesh. Mary is a great intercessor. Did she not ask at the wedding of Cana to turn water into wine? Did Jesus not obey her request? This miracle really highlights the relationship Mary had with her Son Jesus.

Jesus gave His Mother Mary to the youngest apostle John, but He gave her to us too, so that we may honour her to intercede for us.

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So, Mary is not equal to God but God chose Her to bear His Son. So God must have thought very highly of her. John is symbolic of all humanity. In other words,Jesus from the Cross, gave His Mother to every human person for all time.

We are thus lead to seek her intercession and protection.


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Mary, Mother of God my mother, Queen of Peace, ask your Son Jesus to
give me the gift of peace. Pray for me for peace; peace in my heart, peace
of mind and of soul, peace in my family, peace with all whom I meet, the
peace of Jesus.
Jesus, my Lord and Savior, my Brother, King of Peace, I come to you
with Mary, Queen of Peace, to ask you humbly for a new outpouring of the
gift of peace. Pour out on me your Holy Spirit of Peace.
Give me peace, Jesus, peace within myself, peace in my family, peace in
my everyday life. Give peace to my nation, and to all nations, peace among
all peoples, peace in the world.
Jesus, my mediator with the Father, take me to the Father to pray for
Father, Father of Jesus, our Father, my Father, I come to you with your
Son Jesus. In Him and with Him and through Him I pray for peace.



Today the 15th August is the feast of the Assumption, where Mary is assumed into heaven body and soul.

Mary fully human, without original sin, chosen by God to be the mother of His Son Jesus, elevated her as the queen of heaven and the mother of us all. She’s our link between heaven and earth. Pray to Mary to help you as your intercessor.

The Assumption reminds us of the unique role that Mary served in the process of our salvation. Although she was without sin, we have the possibility of receiving God’s forgiveness through Christ. Her entry into heaven prefigures our own hope of experiencing the same eternal life.

Below are some baroque paintings of Mary going up to heaven – a very clever way of depicting Mary.




Yes, I’m referring to Mary the Mother of Jesus and the mother of us all. Jesus had the utmost respect for women. He had women in his ministry, Jesus appeared to women first at the resurrection. Jesus was surrounded by many women and Marys during His ministry. If God has elevated Mary to queen of heaven then she has influence.

Some people think that I worship Mary, NO!!!!!!!!! I  love, I aspire, I appreciate, I honour Mary because Jesus loved her and because He gave her to us as our Mediatrix and  intercessor.

When Jesus started his three year ministry it began at the wedding at Cana. Mary felt the embarrassment of the parents and asked Jesus to turn the water into wine. Jesus didn’t ignore her, He listened and did as Mary told Him. So that propelled Jesus as the miracle worker. So then we can say that Mary is our ally, Mary works for us, Mary is our intercessor. Why????????? Because Jesus loved Her. If you love the Son then you love the mother, because Jesus came from God first- His divine nature and from Mary-His human nature.

Now it has been said that the miraculous medal of Mary has been attributed to many miracles. Let’s get this clear first, God is the Almighty, God gave Jesus His powers, Jesus gave Mary the power too. Jesus’miraculous power can work through people just look at the saints,  Jesus works through Mary too. So by wearing or placing this medal in your car, or house, or your children’s room and with a heart of faith and prayer Mary can intercede for you too.  (nothing happens without faith). Look at the medal and all it’s symbols (see attachment below) where she brings Jesus with her ( please also refer to the testimony of Father Scheier at his judgement day when he was declared dead and Mary came to his rescue).

The Meaning of the Miraculous Medal

The medal is striking because Our Lady herself presented the familiar design.

The front of the medal depicts Mary standing on a globe, with the head of a serpent beneath her feet. Circling the oval-shaped medal is the signature, “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.” On the reverse, twelve stars surround a large “M,” from which a cross arises. Below the “M,” the medal depicts two flaming hearts. The left heart, circled with thorns, represents Jesus. The right heart, pierced by a sword, symbolizes Mary.

An Unlikely Helper
By what intervention and through what vessel did the Blessed Mother convey the design of this medal? As in the case of The Divine Mercy revelations to St. Faustina, a young, unassuming nun in 1930s Poland, once again God chose an unlikely helper. Nearly 100 years earlier, He selected a 24-year-old novice in the community of Sisters known as the Daughters of Charity, Paris, France, in 1830.

The extraordinary story begins on the night of July 18, 1830, when a mysterious child awakens Sister Catherine Laboure. The child leads her to the convent’s chapel. There, Sister Catherine sees the Virgin Mary, sitting in a chair. She kneels beside Mary, and rests her hands in the Virgin’s lap. The two speak for several hours. During the conversation, Mary promises she will return and give the young nun “a mission.” The child leads Catherine back to her bed. Catherine hears the clock strike 2 a.m., July 19.

A little more than four months later, Sister Catherine learns what Mary wants.

During her evening meditation on Nov. 27, 1830, Catherine has a vision of Mary standing in a position similar to the depiction on the medal. Later, the vision changes to include the inscription found on the front side of the medal.

Mary speaks to Catherine, saying, “Have a medal struck upon this model. Those who wear it will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around their neck.”

Iconic Attraction
It was as Mary said. The medal’s effects were immediate.

The first medals were made in 1832 and distributed throughout Paris. According to the Association of the Miraculous Medal, the blessings that Mary promised “began to shower down” on wearers of the medal. The devotion spread rapidly. In 1836, a Church investigation declared the apparitions to be genuine.

Since Mary asked Catherine to have the medal struck, devotion to the Miraculous Medal has spread the world over, the image having achieved iconic stature.

But what does the medal mean? In answering that, one discovers why it works.

The Front Side
• Mary stands on a globe, crushing a serpent beneath her feet. Describing the original vision, Catherine said the Blessed Mother appeared radiant as a sunrise, “in all her perfect beauty.”
• Rays shoot out from Mary’s hands, which she told Catherine, “… symbolize the graces I shed upon those who ask for them.”
• Words from the vision form an oval frame around Mary: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”
Seen as a matrix, the elements of the front design encapsulate major Marian tenets:

Quality of Our Lady As Illustrated by the Medal
• Mother Her open arms, the “recourse” we have in her
• Immaculate The words, “conceived without sin”
• Assumed into Heaven She stands on the globe
• Mediatrix Rays from her hands symbolizing “graces”
• Our Protection Crushes the serpent (Gn. 3:15)

The Reverse Side
• A cross-and-bar surmounts a large, bold “M”
• 12 stars disperse around the perimeter
• Two hearts are depicted underneath the “M,” the left lapped with a crown of thorns, the right skewed by a sword. From each, a flame emanates from the top. Again, employing a grid analysis, we can see how the reverse-side design contains great symbolism reflecting major tenets of the Catholic faith.

Design Element and its Catholic Meaning
• The large letter “M” — Mary as Mother, Mediatrix.
• Cross and bar — Jesus’ cross of Redemption.
• 12 stars — 12 Apostles, who formed the first Church.
• Left Heart — The Sacred Heart, who died for our sins.
• Right Heart — The Immaculate Heart, who intercedes for us.
• Flames — The burning love Jesus and Mary have for us.




When we pray to God the Father, we invoke the Great Power of the Almighty designer of all things seen and unseen and then united with His Son Jesus Christ who, being of one substance with the Father, was incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary. Jesus gave up His life as a ransom to buy your life, Jesus the one and only who lived and died so that you may live, will lead us to salvation.

So when you pray to God you have all the heavenlies aligned at your fingertips so that you can attract God’s favour and get the best possible outcome.

Mary the great intercessor of all, prays for you to Jesus Her Son, to make all things possible. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit three in one.

Make no mistake, Heaven is real and so is Hell. If there was no Hell Lucifer and all the other angels who left with him and who rebelled against God, would not have been condemned to Hell. Some people think that Heaven is automatic if we repent. That’s not enough!!!!! Your fate will be decided by the life you’ve lived. Jesus said, in Matthew 12:37 “for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”Jesus Christ is our Hope and our salvation, He is the only one that matters and alone in judgement with Him, your fate will be decided. Jesus is Lord.

If you will listen to this testimony (link below) you can see the great Power God has bestowed upon Jesus His Son and Mary the mother of God, the queen of Heaven.

Father Steven Scheier  died and was condemned to hell but then Mary intervened and changed everything.



THE MIRACLE OF FATIMA-God’s hand at work


The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, appeared six times to three shepherd children (“The Three Seers”) near the town of Fatima, Portugal between May 13 and October 13, 1917. Appearing to the children, the Blessed Virgin told them that She had been sent by God with a message for every man, woman and child living in our century. Coming at a time when civilization was torn asunder by war and bloody violence, She promised that Heaven would grant peace to all the world if Her requests for prayer, reparation and consecration were heard and obeyed.



In all Her appearances at Fatima, the Blessed Mother repeatedly emphasized the necessity of praying the Rosary (see link below).

I’ll give you an analogy, when a child wants something, often he/she goes to the mother when the father does not approve. The child will ask the mother if she could talk to the father to help him understand, and that’s not a bad thing. So then, the mother talks to the father and as parents, together discuss the best possible solution. Hence, like a mother, Mary talks to Her Son Jesus. She knows Her Son Jesus better than all of us, she brings a mother’s perspective to the situation. She is there to assist people in their relationship with Christ. This in no way diminishes Jesus’ role as the Lord and Saviour. This is God’s will. Another analogy is when we have photos/posters of family members or people we admire, likewise we honour them.We honour Mary not worship Mary because She is the mother of God and the mother of us all. (see Virtual Rosary link if you want more)


In memory RIP