Image result for the bible fully inspired without error and infallibleWe hear a lot of negative talk about priests but nobody knows all the good that they do:-celebrating mass daily, working in youth ministries, administering the sacraments from the beginning to the end of life. Listening to confessions and facilitating healing, running christian schools, people knocking at their doors for money, attending hospitals/private homes to minister to the dying for early morning and late night calls. Being members of different committees on ethical standards.  But most of all, preaching the bible message to the mass made up of believers and unbelievers or unchurched etc……That’s got to be challenging, most of which goes unnoticed!!!!

Well, I want to give tribute to priests for all the great work they do that is seen and unseen.

Sure there have been the odd black sheep amongst them, but they are in the minority 5-7 %. Stats for parent abuse are way higher,(scroll down for stats)  does that mean we put all parents into the one basket as abusers? I think not!!!! Well, people abuse innocent priests too, by calling them abusive names, spitting on them and by using physical force on them too.

Sure, the offenders deserve the full force of the law, but they should not be categorised as all bad and coming just from the catholic church either, because all churches have blemishes and a lot we don’t hear about because they are not the biggest cohort. This could be said about any institution, where there is a human element present. All this has caused people to leave the church completely.

I say, change parish, school, community, just like you would change schools, workplace or friendship group. So let’s not abuse our innocent clergy and brand them into one.

It is in God we should trust and if the priest or pastor you are with is not helping you grow in understanding of God and His Son Jesus, then change the parish/church you attend, not your faith.

Australian Institute of Family Studies, Australian Government

Here are some parent stats on child abuse( scroll down for more)

Figure 2: Percentage breakdown of primary substantiated harm types in Australia in 2015-16

click here child-abuse-and-neglect-statistics

Here is a good feel story about Father Galea from the Sandhurst region in Melbourne- Australia whom I admire.

May God grow your faith and prosper you in all that is done in His name. AMEN!