I have a teaching background, I have a post graduate qualification in teaching ‘Christian, Religious Education’ and I  love sharing my faith with others.

I worship a trinitarian God- God The Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The three are one, I love God and His Son Jesus Christ and Their Spirit (the Holy Spirit, hence the fleur de lis symbol). My motivation in having this blog is to help you understand God more in a pure and honest way, to help you make informed decisions and to draw you closer to God. I welcome questions or any comments from you. If you want to fellowship and worship God more, you need to join a church to get the complete truth so as to fully participate in the mystery,  my blog does in no way replace full worship and participation.

DISCLAIMER  I run this blog not for profit but for the sole purpose of helping others. Please know all information that you read and/or use from my blog, you are doing so of your own free will. I do not own the music, graphics or images, they are used with courtesy from google images and belong to the respective owners. What I choose to use I do so to draw you closer to the source. The comments I make are my own or inspired, I represent myself and no other. I welcome comments of a constructive and positive nature but, know that I reserve the right to disapprove any comments or part thereof, change the focus of my blog, or shut the blog down at my own discretion.