My love affair with cavvies

Meet my dog “Frenchie,” my cavalier king charles spaniel. She was the runt of the litter, she is timid, shy and a little reserved. Well haven’t things changed!!!! She’s 13 years old and thinks she’s the head of the family. At first, we took her to puppy school, she failed her first class. We tried again and the second time she passed and won a certificate for being the smallest and cutest. I believe I’m her puppy.  She is so loved in this household.
She has brought out another side of me that I never thought I had. God does have a real good sense of humour and this is how He rewards me. A real joy and I’m so grateful !!! She’s like my child.  She’s a little Miss Prissie, she hates walking on grass because it wets her paws. She will not under any circumstance, drink or toilet in public, so then she bolts when she gets home. She’s not interested in other dogs, they are a distraction from her master’s attention or doting daughters!


                Frenchie 15th august 2014 at the sight of food14_1_2015(3)

14-1-2015(1)july, 2015

The smell of steak sends her on a high. Food is her first love.
MARCH 2015
When I’m not home, she sneaks on the couch and sits on my french cushions.

Frenchie locked out (8oct. 2013)

 Time out when she’s naughty. She plays innocent when she wants something.
She loves all classical music, gregorian chants are her favourite, if I play something more upbeat she barks until I change it. 
july 2014