Goodbye my furry little girl

Her name was Frenchie– a cavalier King Charles

b-5th May, 2013 – d-28th June, 2019

I believe dogs have their own little soul, they say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Her soft, warm eyes melted my heart from the
first time I set eyes on her till the day she died.
I never grew up with dogs nor learnt to appreciate the beauty,
friendship and all the unconditional love they give. She taught us about love and forgiveness among other things.

My daughter and I looked after her together, I believe God sent her to
us to bring us joy and strength, she brought out the softer qualities inme that no one else saw.

She taught me that life is worth living even though there is pain, as
long as you have someone who loves you, every negative thing
Love conquers all… that’s what she embodied. She was a fighter and till
the very last day, she kept on going, trying to do all the things that
pleased us all. But when things got too much for her and she wouldn’t
let go, we had to do the unbearable and put her down. She went so
quickly and quietly and without a fuss.

She was cremated where her ashes were dispersed at Edenhills.

The beautiful poem below has helped us get through these last few
days believing that we will all be reunited one day with her warm, soft eyes once again catching mine with her running up to me and hugging
me and then crossing over together to our creator, Father, God over the Rainbow Bridge.

(I hope this will help someone who has lost a pet. God bless you all).
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