PC and the never ending labels

I am sick of people who dish out labels such as:- xenophobic, homophobic, gynophobic, transphobic, islamophobic ect………

It seems that some people don’t like facts, they just like to inflict their opinions and expect others to follow and if you don’t agree with them, labels are dished out. Putting labels on people demonstrates ignorance and laziness, because it just masks the problem.

Take a look at this clip courtesy of SKY NEWS for example, from Studio 10 host Kerri-Anne Kennerley called ‘racist’ in Australia Day debate by Yumi Stynes. https://youtu.be/vVov7JR1nLM

How many ABC reports have we seen of the aboriginal plight?????? I know I have seen many. So how do we isolate a problem so that more people are aware of it in order to try and solve it?

Labels are divisive and not helpful. This behaviour creates fear and stifles discussion. We should all stick to the facts and give solutions, dishing out labels to people who express valid facts and opinions is just fear mongering. The media, in reporting the news, is doing away with naming cultures, ages, gender and sexual orientation of people in fear of offending. The facts are what we should care about, not political correctness. If one has offended, then they should be called out on it, not protected. If one dishes out labels they too should be called out.

Labels trivalise the problem and if this keeps going the way it is now, then nobody will take any notice of the real problems.

Don’t be silenced, speak out and call out this ridiculous behaviour which is not helpful to anyone esp. not in trying to solve the real issues.


7 thoughts on “PC and the never ending labels

  1. I tried to reply but it did not come through. Try No. 2.
    That’s cultural Marxism for you. The west won the cold war with the Soviet Union, but lost the culture wars to it – extinct that it now is – over the last few decades. Like a frog it was gradually overwhelmed by gently rising water temperature over time. Bella Dodd told in 1954 how the communists had infiltrated 1,100 men into the priesthood over the preceding decades, and we are still feeling the effects of this today. As is becoming more and more evident, and at an increasing speed, persecution is on the way.
    So we might go back to Roman times, or perhaps communist China, where an implacable enemy is out to destroy the church.
    Prayer and tight knit Christian communities are our weapons.

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  2. Romano Guardini, 20th century Catholic intellectual, talked about the emergence of “Mass Man”, who is formed by the masses, as individuality is wrapped up in a collective consciousness where people are divided into broad social categories. The masses arbitrate new standards of morality putting out ideological imperatives to which the individual must bow or else be branded as public enemy No. 1. It is a coercive ideology which tolerates no dissent and no thought, reason being the primary casualty. Tolerance becomes a given, and personal sin and individual responsibility are erased from public consciousness, although hysterical intolerance towards any dissenting voice is the hallmark of this ideology. So long as you go with the flow, support abortion, gay rights, animal rights, women’s rights, the rights of the child – as determined by the current collective ideology – (if he/she is allowed to live), the right to die, etc, etc, the list is endless, you fall on the right side of the line, otherwise discrimination and persecution awaits you.


      1. That’s cultural Marxism for you. The Soviet Union lost the cold war, but, extinct as they are, they won the culture wars. The west defeated communism as an external force, only to succumb to it internally. Like a frog it has been gradually overwhelmed by a gentle increase in water temperature over the last few decades. Bella Dodd, a former communist operative, tells in 1954 how the communists had infiltrated the clergy of the church with 1,100 communist operatives over the preceding decades to destroy it from within. I think we are feeling the results of this today still.


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