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When I saw the commercial using the crucifixion of Jesus to promote organ donation, my blood boiled. Here’s why? I’m not against organ donations, people can donate as much as they want, this ad is so wrong that it doesn’t even give me the desire to want to donate my organs. I just don’t see the message but the evil that this ad is portraying.

I know the world has become more secular but there are still millions of people who hold the very name of Jesus dear and precious to their hearts. Jesus cared for us to the point of death, an excruciating death on a cross,  sacrificing himself for our salvation. I don’t know of any other God in any other religion who has given up his life. Jesus is unique, He holds the absolute, objective, moral truth.

I believe the ad about organ donations (see below) used by the media is demonic because it’s a direct attack on Jesus as it’s using deception by appealing to people for something that is good (donating organs) to degrade, belittle, trivialize and blaspheme the crucifixion.

Satan the ruin of souls roams this earth. Satan the one who looks for souls to devour  is alive and active in the world. Satan the master of deception hides behind the truth, masterful at tricking people. Satan will stop at no end, the media in one of them.  Satan uses bible scripture whom He knows well, to twist a little lie making it seem credible and attractive. But make no mistake, blaspheming, sinning by omission or association to not acknowledging Jesus as the Saviour, not defending the righteous one, is a grave sin- a sin punishable by God.

We need to show the media that they are wrong. The media doesn’t care about the truth, the media wants to rewrite the truth.  The media wants to desensitize us to accept their lies. All the media cares about is power and money.

There are millions of other ways to promote the cause, leave what is sacred alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please stop the media from overshadowing a positive and spreading evil about Jesus’ crucifixion.   By you not doing anything about this evil it’s saying that it’s OK, you then become complicit to the mortal sin because the media can have a huge demographic impact on people of little or no faith in Jesus.

(click right) BLASPHEMOUS ORGAN DONATION_ AD AND PETITION( please go into the article write your protest and sign the petition to show Jesus that you follow HIM not the media)

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A Prayer to Guard Your Heart

Lord God, Captain of my heart, Satan knows if I follow Your Greatest Commandment – to love You with all my heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37) – he is powerless over me. Guard my heart, Lord Jesus, so that it beats for You alone. Don’t let me grow complacent toward You or be lured to love anyone or anything more than You. Remove the idols from my heart so that You alone command my allegiance and utmost affections Help me to love and forgive others as You have forgiven me so the enemy can get no foothold through hate or bitterness on my part. Cultivate in my heart Your love that “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (>1 Corinthians 13:7, NASB). Finally, Lord, set my heart on things above, not on earthly things. Help me to remember that You died for me and my life is now hidden which Christ in God (>Colossians 3:1-2). Increase my longing for heaven so this world holds no power over me.           (courtesy of )



‘It’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted’


I have been following the Judge Kavanagh Confirmation Hearing to the US Supreme High Court on Fox News over a few weeks now and I tell you, it has scared me.  It should scare any man, son, father, grandfather or anyone for that matter. This hearing has shown me that anyone can make accusations esp. against males with sex allegations and the accuser has to be believed even though they cannot corroborate their testimony.

I quote the words of Judge Kavanagh when he gave his speech in order to defend himself……….You ( the senate committee) have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy.” Click right for the report  JUDGE KAVANAGH’S DEFENSE.     “You have sown the whirlwind for decades to come, the whole country will reap the whirlwind. Well it’s here too.

His mother who was also a Supreme Court judge was behind him weeping for her son. It reminded me of Jesus’  crucifixion. I cried too, because I could feel the pain in his voice.

So far it’s been guilty till proven innocent. Well, that doesn’t make any sense because people have different values, standards, cultural background, religion, world views etc. and  all this can impinge on what the truth is. So then what do we go by???? The law and the facts, because these are what guide us and  bind us. It should not be changed to suit, religion, culture, gender or the moment. The standards are what we have in common. The law should be the norm, not what I want, you want, she wants, they want etc?????

I believe that truth above all, the facts and the figures should open the way for truth.


Words are cheap, if the accused is not known by his boss, co-worker or the court, then what should be entered into the accuser’s testimony?  The truth of course, the truth that stands up in court and is undisputed and that is real because it has been witnessed or corroborated by others.

I have known people who have been wrongly accused and sadly even though they were acquitted, the impression that they were left with was damaging. It can last a lifetime or have detrimental effects personally or for their families. The people I know couldn’t work in that industry, they got other jobs which earned them way  less than before, then their homes were lost because they couldn’t make payments  etc. friends were lost, children were affected, family members took sides and marriages broke up, all because of false accusations.

John 1:17 …..For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

Let’s look at the person of Jesus Christ. He was wrongly accused, He spoke the truth but not many people before Him knew what that truth was.  Jesus through his life, death and resurrection showed us the truth. live out his greatest commandment of all…..” to love one another just as I have loved you and by this they will know that you are my disciples.” 

Well!!!! During the hearing of Judge Kavanagh there was no love there from his accusers. All they were interested in was to plant lies and smears in order to stop  his confirmation to the Supreme High Court. Here is a person who has already had 6 FBI background checks, has served under the Bush administration,  has been a judge for 12 years, who volunteers at his local church, at Harvard Law University and his daughter’s basketball team. So here’s the truth, doesn’t all this corroborated evidence speak the truth????? It does to me, even though I have never met this man.





We lift up to You all those who have rejected the truth of Your Word and who are seeking after the humanistic ways of the world. May the truth of Your Word become a beacon of light to those that are in need of a Saviour, we pray that the lies of the enemy will be exposed.

Your Word is truth – may the truth of Your Word ring in the ears of all who are perishing and bring many perishing people to salvation in Jesus’ name we pray,