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I’m talking about action, adventure, animated, slashing bodies, comedy, gothic, paranormal, supernatural, dead people/zombie, scientific, sci fi horror movies etc etc. I believe that watching horror movies lets some evil into your life.

First of all, the devil and evil are very real things. Spiritual warfare, the constant fight between Satan and his legions and God and his angels over human souls, is a very real thing. Demonic possession and haunted houses are real things.  Hollywood does a very good job of dramatizing these situations. As a matter of fact, Hollywood has become so bold and shameless that their movies are becoming more and more graphic, more bloodthirsty and more about evil possession, leaving no boundaries.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it were art imitating real life or even the life of a satanist, evil/demonic possessed individual. Being paranoid about evil constantly, especially if brought upon by a movie, can lead to an obsession with evil, which can lead to allowance of that evil in one’s life. Evil can be transferred from one person to the other.

Even if you are a person in Christ, would you want to be harassed by voices in your head coming from demons? Would you know what prayers to say to cast the demons out? I would say most people wouldn’t.

I have seen a couple of movie sequels to some old movie originals of late. For one, I was shocked at the difference 10 years can make. Second, the sequel to the 30 years old movie, was depressing and I had to leave after half an hour into the movie.

The very few horror movies I have seen, (some unintentional, not knowing the extent of the horror) made life to me seem worthless, they made me feel that there was no point to this life, no purpose, no matter what I did to try to change it. The destruction and horror of everyday life in the movie,  put me in a state of depression, they instilled fear into me, they started playing on my mind. I had to pray and cast out the evil.

Who needs this stuff? Isn’t life bad enough as it is? Isn’t watching the news enough to make you want to get into a bunker and never come out??????

When my kids were growing up I wouldn’t take them or let them watch horror of any kind. I protected them from all this, I thought life dishes out enough problems to us without adding horror to it.

I understand the adrenaline rush that comes from the music building up and then something popping out. But really? Is it worth the sleeplessness and disturbance to your emotional wellbeing?

Surely one can get an adrenaline rush some other perfectly innocent, healthy, wholesome ways, eg. walking along the beach, shopping, exercising, competing in sports, climbing a bridge etc…etc….

Are you hearing voices in your head that keep you awake? If they’re from the other side, you can be sure that they will get louder and louder, that they will cause you a disturbance and even lack of sleep or even suicide.

We need to focus on what is pure, praiseworthy and what is pleasing to God. We need to live a wholesome life and God will catch up with us and reward us with the desires of our hearts.

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