God has a plan for you,  He knitted you in your mother’s womb. He knows everything about you. Your plan for your life was mapped out before you were born.

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All you have to do is claim your inheritance. God opens doors for you but you have to recognise the opportunity and know that it’s the right path to pursue. How do we know that, you might ask? You have to pray and ask God to show you, if you don’t understand God’s messages, ask again and ask that the answer come in a way that you understand.

If still you have nothing, then you have to repent and forgive, as sin becomes blockages to hearing God’s Word. Our lives can be so cluttered and full that God’s messages cannot get through to us. Persist and the answer will come.

Sometimes the answer may come ever so gently that we miss it altogether, then continue to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to infill you afresh with the gifts of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.(See HOLY SPIRIT )

God does open doors, because He is a God of abundance. Have you had a stranger give you a kind word? A friend that came just at  the time that you needed them? A promotion that came just at the right time? Money, just turned up that you didn’t know you had? Well, I have had all these and I know they just weren’t coincidences. God set them in motion.

God closes doors too, even though you don’t want them closed. Something or someone suddenly stops or is out of your life.Why you might ask? Well, you don’t have the full picture and you cannot foresee what is to come, that door that was closed may not have been the best path for you, it could have lead to destruction or it may have been not what you needed.

This reminds me of a eulogy I heard many years ago of a father burying his teenage daughter because of her choices of partners. The daughter’s partner led her to drugs and on the first hit of heroine, the daughter died from an overdose. God did not interfere with the daughter’s choice and prior, her father gently warned the daughter of his suspicions, but they were ignored. The daughter’s choices and consequence of not listening to someone who loved her and had her best interests at heart, were devastating to say the least.

There was a huge gathering at this funeral and young teenage boys and girls listened intently to the father’s every word. With pain in his heart, the father didn’t even speak evil words about the daughter’s partner, he said….“God took the evil away from her, God the Father has her now and is looking after her instead”.     WOW!!!!! What powerful words indeed. His faith helped him understand that the door closed shut for his daughter because there was prolonged evil to come. As a mother of teenage daughters myself then, my heart was breaking, but the power in those words helped me understand how God permits certain things and removes other things from our lives as well.

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The daughter’s grades at school were excellent. She didn’t deserve to have her short life taken away. She had a very promising future ahead of her, but this highlights how our lives are very fragile and that those split second decisions can make or break us. But God does help us, He wants us all to prosper, but we need to stay close to Him, we need to have a relationship with Him, we need to pray.

Nothing happens in our lives if not to teach us something.

We have to trust God and allow Him to do His work. We have to surrender to HIM .

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