Image result for 21 regrets on your deathbedDuring these last couple of weeks, I have had friends lose loved ones, friends die and I have attended some funerals. With the advent of Christmas and the need to focus on how we can grow spiritually, the research findings below really caught my eye.

We all have regrets, it’s part of our humanness, but wouldn’t it be helpful if we had hindsight?

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21 Regrets people confess on their deathbeds

We might even use this list as an examination of conscience, or to help us to pray for the grace to live in a way that might prevent our feeling these regrets later in our lives.

For the times when I set a bad example, and there were people who followed my lead

For my indifference in the face of someone’s suffering

For failing to say so many words of praise, recognition and encouragement to those who deserved them or needed them

For claiming credit for my triumphs but blaming my failures on circumstances

For having failed to respect someone’s innocence or having blocked someone’s dreams

That I wasted money on things that I didn’t need and never used

For the times I took too much time and not enough effort to forgive

For taking advantage of someone who loved me, in order to get something for myself

For not being careful to guide those I should have educated better, before it was too late

For not visiting or sharing time with people because I thought they weren’t interesting, educated or useful

For fleeing the cross so many times

For savoring adulation even while knowing it was false

For complaining much more often than I gave thanks

For the stubborn, vulgar or rude words that came out of my mouth

For participating in conversations making fun of God, the faith or the Church

For wasting so much time on empty things… time that can’t be gotten back

For the promises I didn’t keep

For the times that I could have and should have prayed more, and above all, with more love

For ignoring Jesus.

That I hurt or harmed someone in any way

For lacking love. I should have loved God and my neighbor much more. –

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Dear Lord,

Please forgive me for ignoring others and failing to see the truth. Help me to see the error of my ways and to make adjustments to my life so that I can make a difference for myself and for the people around me. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN



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