I like Robbie Williams, he’s come out of the ashes and risen to love Jesus, to turn his life around and then to write lyrics like these. Everyone deserves a father like this.( see lyrics to song “GO GENTLE” by Robbie Williams-see link below)

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While almost any man can father a child, there is so much more to the important role of being dad in a child’s life. A father’s role is so important, he has to be a:- caregiver, protector,  provider, teacher,  nurturer, advisor, psychologist, nurse, a friend and more. A father’s role is central to the emotional well-being of their children especially during those formative years till the age of about 5 years. A father has to wear many hats and they cannot be good at all of them.

The Christian father is really an instrument in God’s hand. A father’s first responsibility is to acquaint his children with Scripture. The means and methods that fathers may use to teach God’s truth will vary. As the father is faithful in role modelling, what children learn about God will put them in good standing throughout their earthly lives, no matter what they do or where they go.

We live in a broken world, no judgements needed, fathers have issues too.

If your earthly father cannot or could not be the caring, nurturing father that you deserved, allow God the Father to be your father for you, for healing to occur ……..








He sings his testimony………………. “I LOVE MY LIFE”                                     


Image result for jesus brightens this dark worldChristmas lights, fairy lights, candles, flameless luminaries they all light up those dark spaces. Jesus came to us to bring light into this dark world.

So, whenever you light a candle in the name of Jesus Christ He will be there because you are inviting Him into your life. Especially during Christmas, I love to light candles and remember the words of Jesus . So when my family gathers to spend time together this Christmas season, I will be lighting a candle to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I know that with Jesus on my side the outcome is always better. I know that I am not alone and I have the light of the world to brighten my darkest spaces and I want to praise and thanks the one who died to save me –                JESUS CHRIST.  AMEN

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John 8:12

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Jesus come into my life and brighten my darkest spaces:-

Where there is sadness bring joy.

Where there is rebellion bring stability.

Where there is unbelief bring truth.

Where there is sickness bring healing.

Where there is poverty bring prosperity.

Where there is infertility bring growth.

Where there is death bring life.




Image result for 21 regrets on your deathbedDuring these last couple of weeks, I have had friends lose loved ones, friends die and I have attended some funerals. With the advent of Christmas and the need to focus on how we can grow spiritually, the research findings below really caught my eye.

We all have regrets, it’s part of our humanness, but wouldn’t it be helpful if we had hindsight?

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21 Regrets people confess on their deathbeds

We might even use this list as an examination of conscience, or to help us to pray for the grace to live in a way that might prevent our feeling these regrets later in our lives.

For the times when I set a bad example, and there were people who followed my lead

For my indifference in the face of someone’s suffering

For failing to say so many words of praise, recognition and encouragement to those who deserved them or needed them

For claiming credit for my triumphs but blaming my failures on circumstances

For having failed to respect someone’s innocence or having blocked someone’s dreams

That I wasted money on things that I didn’t need and never used

For the times I took too much time and not enough effort to forgive

For taking advantage of someone who loved me, in order to get something for myself

For not being careful to guide those I should have educated better, before it was too late

For not visiting or sharing time with people because I thought they weren’t interesting, educated or useful

For fleeing the cross so many times

For savoring adulation even while knowing it was false

For complaining much more often than I gave thanks

For the stubborn, vulgar or rude words that came out of my mouth

For participating in conversations making fun of God, the faith or the Church

For wasting so much time on empty things… time that can’t be gotten back

For the promises I didn’t keep

For the times that I could have and should have prayed more, and above all, with more love

For ignoring Jesus.

That I hurt or harmed someone in any way

For lacking love. I should have loved God and my neighbor much more. –

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Dear Lord,

Please forgive me for ignoring others and failing to see the truth. Help me to see the error of my ways and to make adjustments to my life so that I can make a difference for myself and for the people around me. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN




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As a mother, whenever I play this song it moves me, as a mother I know Mary knows exactly what I am going through and through Her Son Jesus, She helps me and my family. I invite you to listen to the song below and pray this prayer for Her intercession.

If you love Jesus than you love His mother Mary, because Jesus loved her and He was of her flesh. Mary is a great intercessor. Did she not ask at the wedding of Cana to turn water into wine? Did Jesus not obey her request? This miracle really highlights the relationship Mary had with her Son Jesus.

Jesus gave His Mother Mary to the youngest apostle John, but He gave her to us too, so that we may honour her to intercede for us.

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So, Mary is not equal to God but God chose Her to bear His Son. So God must have thought very highly of her. John is symbolic of all humanity. In other words,Jesus from the Cross, gave His Mother to every human person for all time.

We are thus lead to seek her intercession and protection.


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Mary, Mother of God my mother, Queen of Peace, ask your Son Jesus to
give me the gift of peace. Pray for me for peace; peace in my heart, peace
of mind and of soul, peace in my family, peace with all whom I meet, the
peace of Jesus.
Jesus, my Lord and Savior, my Brother, King of Peace, I come to you
with Mary, Queen of Peace, to ask you humbly for a new outpouring of the
gift of peace. Pour out on me your Holy Spirit of Peace.
Give me peace, Jesus, peace within myself, peace in my family, peace in
my everyday life. Give peace to my nation, and to all nations, peace among
all peoples, peace in the world.
Jesus, my mediator with the Father, take me to the Father to pray for
Father, Father of Jesus, our Father, my Father, I come to you with your
Son Jesus. In Him and with Him and through Him I pray for peace.

An advent prayer during our busiest time of year


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As we busily go about our daily lives during this hectic time of preparation, with shops full of gifts that we might give or receive,  flashing lights, streets decorated and choirs rounding up for their annual Christmas carols, help us Lord to prepare our hearts not only for the celebration to come, but for sharing that Good News with family and friends. Lead us in prayer and to act with kindness and empathy towards each other, sharing the love that came down to earth and walked among us. Amen

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God of hope
be with us in our Advent journey
to the stable and beyond,
be with us in our meeting
and in our travelling together,
be with us in our worship
and our praying together,
be with us in our Advent journey
to the stable and beyond,
our God of hope.

During this Advent-time,
we remember your faithful servants Mary and Joseph.
We give thanks for their faithfulness,
courage and obedience, 
in the fulfilment of God’s plan.

We pray that their example
might be the pattern of our lives,
that when your gentle whisper
breaks through the clamour of this world
and into our small corner,
we might be ready to listen,
and having listened, to act.

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