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Fear of the Lord is something I feel has gone out of fashion or is “too conservative” to think, some of my contemporaries have told me. Today, society is bombarded with media that is conditioning us to think that we need this or that to make our lives better and easier such as I PHONES, I PADS, I TUNES, YOU TUBE, ME BANK, ETC..    Liposuction here, a facelift and tuck here or just…..to ‘Follow your heart.”              IT’S ALL ABOUT I AND ME, MYSELF AND I.

All these things keep us away from God. Our eyes are not on God, our eyes are fixed on worldly things, God is not at the centre, rather it’s on the ME and I.

What about the ‘we’ ‘He’ or ‘Him’ ?

People have forgotten that this life is a test, that it’s good to abstain and go without, that we sometimes need to sacrifice or give up things to help us grow stronger and respect the fact that things are never going to be exactly as we would like them. Did Jesus not wear a crown of thorns?

Fear of the Lord is not about being fearful of God, it’s not a servile fear whereby a person serves God simply because he fears punishment. Or a fear that God doesn’t love you or that you aren’t good enough. It’s that healthy fear of the Lord, respect, that awe of God and wonder that we need to bring back into our lives.  This gift enables a person “to avoid sin and attachment to created things out of reverence and love of God. Fear of the Lord means to have a profound respect for the majesty of God who is the supreme being.

People have forgotten that God is in control, that He giveth and taketh, that He doesn’t want us to fix our eyes on the worldly things, because they won’t bring us happiness. Happiness comes from within, happiness comes when your heart is at peace, happiness comes in knowing who you are in Christ and trusting God and Jesus Christ to provide you with what you need.

God loves you unconditionally,  God is there for you, God wants you to spend some time with Him  and His Son Jesus in prayer and in relationship with them.

How do I do that you might ask? Well… you can start by shifting your thinking, pray to the Holy Spirit to infill you afresh with His gifts, to focus on relationships, on what is good and praiseworthy, on what is pleasing to God. Now some sacrifices are needed here, but it’s for the greater good.


Come Holy Spirit infill me afresh with your special gifts of patience, kindness, self control, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, joy, peace, love and Fear of the Lord. 


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