You may think you are in control but you really aren’t. Sure, God has given us free will but it’s a TEST. A test where you can deny God, blaspheme God, cheat God, lie to Him and destroy everything and everyone along the way, on this earth.

You live in a physical world which is in the NOW and in a spiritual world where God, Jesus Christ and Satan live as well.

God has relinquished control unto us so that we can complete the test, the test that will lead us to either live with Him in heaven in our spirit life or hell where there will be no God and no turning back.

However, there is a condition, that condition being that you live out your life according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m sure God’s first question to you on judgement day will be….”So, what have you done with my Son Jesus?”

So Jesus should be the centre of your universe.

God giveth and God taketh according to His will. God has the infinite power, He has the complete plan for each and everyone one of us, and only He knows us better than anyone else, even ourselves. We all make choices that determine our fate and by our choices we will be judged.

Image result for (Joshua 24:15)

I say to you, surrender to God, have patience and allow Him to work out your problems. Ask Him what lessons you need to learn, ask Him to give you the tools you need to help you get there. Of course, God is not interested in riches of money but riches that are in spiritual gifts which will draw you closer to Him. Ask God to show you in a way that is clear and obvious to you,  the things you need to grow closer to Him and His Son Jesus. Then and only then, will you be at peace and on the right path. A heart is happy when the heart is at peace. The Holy Spirit bestows us with peace. Ask the Holy Spirit to infill you afresh with His gifts, gifts from God.



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