You might ask what has God got to do with the invention of the printing press? The answer to this and for many other inventions and constructions, is that God works through people. The Holy Spirit is the quiet whisperer who puts the ideas, who gives us the courage, the strength, the words, the formulaes to do what God wants us to do.
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Having travelled around Italy, Spain and France over recent years, I was in awe of the beautiful historical universities that are still operating today. The catholic church actually created the university system. The printing press was invented in the Holy Roman Empire by the catholic, german family – Gutenberg around 1440. The first books Gutenberg printed with his press were copies of the Bible. The printing press facilitated literacy around the Europe and the world. This in turn made the bible more accessible to the masses hence the growth in catholicism.

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This then makes the catholic church the first. There are links here with Jesus who entrusted Peter with the keys to the Kingdom. Matthew 16:18: “I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” The three images of church as the authority in the bible are rock, steward, and shepherd which provide a powerful interlocking and interdependent support for the authority Christ intended to leave with his Church on earth.

Here are some universities still operating today founded by the catholic church.

+University of Perugia,

+University of Rome,

+University of Siena,

+University of Salamanca,

+University of Paris,

+University of Oxford,

+University of Cambridge,

+University of Bologna,

+University of Macerata,

+University of Valladolid

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Image result for Sapienza university of roma italyRomeImage result for The university of bologna italyBologna

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Of course there are other schools and colleges founded by religious orders.

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