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For me it’s during those moments when I am feeling overtired, down and unwell that I need this the most. A time to focus not on what is wrong with me, what has not worked out, what people are saying or just feeling out of sorts.

Focusing on the negatives attracts more negatives, a bit like when you yawn- it’s contagious, you’ll soon find others around you yawning too. When someone starts the negative talk, it just seems to rise and grow into more negative talk. That’s just futile, because you’re left feeling worse. Words are powerful and they can have a positive or negative effect on you. So, if someone has spoken unkind or negative words about you or to you, just shake them off by asking Jesus to take away what ever that person has said or transferred onto you and to replace it with the opposite to what was said eg… ugly-opposite-you’re made in God’s image, beauty comes from within, fat – opposite- one size does not fit all, I am the right size and I should embrace the size that I am.

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Do not let the world define who you are!

Allow God to validate you!

My cure for feeling down and out is to nip it in the bud before it takes hold. That’s exactly what the enemy wants:- to put fear and doubt into you. The enemy wants to steal your joy and achievements, the enemy wants to steal your soul.             There are always many positives in our lives but when we are in that negative state of mind, we cannot see them. If you’re finding it hard, just write down all the great things that have happened to you in the last six months.   When we’re down we prefer to focus on the negatives. All this negative stuff doesn’t come from God. God wants what is best for you, He wants you to have faith in Him, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, He wants you to ask Jesus to take away all doubt and fear and fill your cup with joy, peace love and patience. I also ask the Holy Spirit to give me a fresh infilling of His gifts………. and you know what?????? that fear, doubt, self pity, etc….. just seems to disappear.

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So here are my gratefuls which may also inspire you to write your own:_ Just thinking about them makes me feel alive!!!!

My reasonably good health, the fact that I can walk unaided, I am independent, I have a wonderful husband, my beautiful daughters with whom I am close, my loving mother, my supportive brothers, my job and all the great feedback I get from others, my house, my car, the money to pay the bills, the friends I have who care, the beauty of just having been on a holiday, the joy of giving to others, the fact that I have invited a friend who is having problems, over for dinner- it gives me joy to be able to help her, supporting my husband with his men’s spirituality group, my church prayer group. My quiet times with God, the fact that Jesus thought I was special enough to give up his life for me. The sunsets from my window, my pastime for collecting curios. My dog, walks in the park, listening to my favourite music, eating my favourite chocolate licorice roll, sunrise and waking up when its daytime(daylight savings is great). Reading a good book. My favourite chair and pillow, my flowers in the garden. Many of these cost nothing or they’re reasonably cheap.

I will say this again (as I have another post with these words)……..happiness is not dependent on your circumstances.

I wish you God’s abundant blessings and a heart full of gratitude because that’s what will bring you happiness and a smile to your face.

Image result for god's abundant blessing


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