SHROUD OF TURIN-A RELIC   New Science-proves Jesus Christ



I went to Turin to visit relatives and while I was there, I made a point of visiting the Royal Chapel of St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Turin, where the shroud of Jesus Christ’s burial is housed. The relic is approx. 4.5m long X 1.5 m wide. The image of the face of Jesus moved me, it touched my very core.  I felt a presence, a face that endured pain as seen by the marks on his head yet untouched by it, a face with a certain majesty and humbleness about it, that it commanded my respect and reverence. I felt the need to kneel and pray.

cathedral2 shroudturinchurch

During the last centuries, the Shroud has been publicly exhibited a limited number of times, often on very special occasions.  Like his predecessor Pope Benedict, Pope Francis authorized an “early” exposition of the cloth since the next formally scheduled exposition was set by Pope John Paul II for 2025. Currently, only the living Pope can authorize a public exposition of the Shroud.                                 From April 19, 2015 through June 24, 2015, more than two million visitors came to Turin from around the world to view the Shroud while it was on public display.

It is stored under the laminated bulletproof glass of the airtight case. The temperature and humidity controlled-case is filled with argon (99.5%) and oxygen (0.5%) to prevent chemical changes, the Shroud itself is kept on an aluminum support sliding on runners and stored flat within the case. When the Shroud is not on public display, the case is closed; during the public display the case can be moved, raised and opened.

See photos of the public display in June, 2015 (see link below)

The latest findings completed by scientists from around the world using 3D hologram technology of the image on the shroud, is further evidence of its authenticity. Watch and see the link below, then decide for yourself.

Wishing you renewed faith and Christ’s blessings.



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