Believe in the power of God not men!!!

You can sell ice to an eskimo, you can talk and sell your skills and talents,  but you will never win the spiritual battle if you don’t put your faith in God.

Jesus Christ, David and Goliath, The one leper, Joseph-The foster father of Jesus, who obeyed the Lord without question. Daniel, Mary Magdala  and more all put their faith in God. They all knew they had supernatural power by their side. No matter how weak or ineffective you might feel, you have large wings under your little wings working for you. All you need do is surrender and have faith.


 It has been said that the one leper who was healed, had a blessed life, he was grateful for the miracle and for the love and compassion shown to him by Jesus Christ. He went back to his family, to his village and lived a life of faith and gratitude and died a happy life. It has been said that the ungrateful, unbelieving nine others, had terrible lives afterwards. One of the nine slipped and fell and hurt his head and died soon after. Another had a family who would not accept him , another could not find work and died of famine, another got into debt and was killed, another did not believe he had been fully cured and continually complained, another got in with bad company and was miserable, another lied his way through life and denied the power of Jesus believing that he was cured naturally, another cursed Jesus and was struck blind and another couldn’t care less and did not recognise the miracle that had just happened and  was never satisfied.

So you might say, “What does this have to do with me?” God bestows us with gifts and supernatural healing when we put our faith into action and follow in Jesus’ footsteps. When we pray and humble ourselves before God, when we surrender and ask God to solve our problems, when we thank and praise our creator God, when we live a life that is pleasing to God through Jesus Christ His Son, it does  not go unnoticed.

The Bible speaks often of miraculous healings through the work of Jesus Christ and through faith in God. Scripture encourages us and helps us focus on finding comfort through the healing of Christ both spiritually and physically.

Prayer has healing power through living out the gospel according to Jesus Christ.

Check out the testimony below

Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo’s Miracle Healing –



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