New problems new ways to solve them

Unhappy with life, relationships, career??????   You can’t do the same things over and again and expect a change. You may think this is crass! But if you’ve tried it your way so far and the same problems surface then it’s time for a change!      

This life is full of battles. Threats to our faith are always present and, as Christians, our fight is against the powers of this world that call us away from God. The good news is that we have every weapon we need at our disposal and remember that Jesus goes with us, we can face down every enemy and rest assured that we will come out victorious. The following verses serve as reminders of that promise.

This power was first given to the twelve apostles when they were sent forth in Luke 9:1–2, and then it was given to the rest of the Lord’s followers in Luke 10:17–19 when the seventy were sent forth. This power comes from the Holy Spirit, who is imparted to each believer at Baptism and Confirmation.

Once the power of the Holy Spirit dwells within a person’s heart, all that individual needs to do is to take authority to drive out evil out of his home, family or workplace.

Get rid of the blockers and naysayers in your life and surround yourself with things that are good and praiseworthy and pleasing to God and He will reward you with the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

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