There is a fight inside of us all, the fight against good or evil, one that we have to deal with on a daily basis. Often we don’t know which way to go.  When you pray and ask for guidance, the Holy Spirit, (Spirit of God and  Spirit of Jesus) is the one to pray to. The Holy Spirit is the shaker, the one who gets you to move and make a choice, the one who guides that wee little voice inside you,  to make the right choice and to help you fulfil what God has planned for you. It’s often those split second decisions that can make all the difference between making a good and a bad choice, between death or life.                                                                                  PRAY FOR GUIDANCE AND ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO SHOW, LEAD AND GUIDE YOU TO THE TRUTH! ( SEE HOLY SPIRIT )





  1. The Key to Pleasing God

    (Isaiah 58:7)

    (“Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor
    wanderer with shelter-when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to
    turn away from your own flesh and blood?” Isaiah 58:7)

    We often get so caught up in living of our lives day to day that it is easy
    to forget why God has given us this wonderful gift of life.

    It is to serve and glorify Him. That is the bottom line of why we are here.

    Unfortunately we can get far, far away from that purpose during the
    course of our years here on earth. Obviously, one of the enemy’s goals is
    to keep us distracted so that we cannot fulfill that God-given purpose.

    Once a person comes to know Christ by faith, the enemy has lost the
    battle for that person’s soul. However, the battle then centers on making
    us as ineffective as possible in serving God in our daily lives. The more
    he can keep us distracted with the burdens of life, the less effective we are in our service to God.

    This passage of scripture in Isaiah helps us to focus on what this life is
    really all about. It is not about seeing how much wealth we can
    accumulate in this life, or how much power we can acquire, or how well-
    known we can become. All of the things the world judges us by are
    absolutely meaningless when this brief journey is over.

    It is the wood, hay, and stubble the Bible talks about that will burn up
    when tested by fire (1 Cor 3:12-15). – The gold, silver, and
    precious stones are those things we do in this life that stand the test of eternity.
    It is our true service to our Lord.

    If you want a starting point of how to please God, what kinds of things
    we can do in our life to follow our Lord and have an eternal legacy, get
    your Bible out at home and read verse 7 in the 58th chapter of Isaiah again.

    “Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house—when you see the naked that you cover him, and that you hide not yourself from the needs of your own flesh and blood?”

    What this is saying is that some people become so involved in ministry that they overlook their own family members and friends. But The Lord makes it clear that we are not to neglect one, in order to attend to the other.

    In this verse, God tells us that we are not only to meet the needs of those around us in the world ( the poor, needy, and disadvantaged) but that we are also to meet the needs of our immediate and extended families.

    I have a niece who suffers a mental illness to whom I minister to quite often. I once thought I was too busy to help her, but God showed me that she is my ‘flesh and blood’. She is part of my family, and I am responsible to minister to her needs just as I am responsible to minister to others in other locations. If I ignore my responsibilities toward my relatives, I will pay the price of losing an aspect of God’s anointing in other areas of my life.

    So If you help someone else to be what God wants them to be, then God will send someone to help you to be what you want to be.

    God’s word says that we must not only feed the hungry and clothe the naked, but that we must also not hide ourselves from the needs of our own flesh and blood.
    After we have done these things, then Isaiah 58:8 will work for us.
    That says, “ Then shall your light break forth like the morning, and your healing, your restoration and the power of a new life, shall spring forth speedily: your righteousness, your rightness, your justice, and your right relationship with God, shall go before you conducting you to peace and prosperity., and the glory of The Lord shall be your rear guard.’ Wow;;;

    Our light shall break forth like the morning?, our healing?, our restoration and the power of a new life? Will spring forth speedily? Our righteousness, our justice? Will go before us, conducting us to peace and prosperity,? And God’s glory will guard us from behind? Those are awesome promises, and I encourage you to do what is necessary for you to be in a position to receive them in your life.

    So this is what our life really is all about, being there for those in need
    and helping those who are lost in this life. Sharing the love and hope of
    Jesus Christ with those we meet along our journey.

    One of the questions we get sometimes is how to be in the will of God.
    There are so many passages in the Word of God that help us know what
    we can do in our life to be in the will of God. This verse in Isaiah is a great place to start..

    I will be praying for all the people that frequent this site, that the Lord helps you to realize no
    matter what problems you are facing, no matter how many obstacles there might be this very moment, there are always
    others who are in worse shape, always others who are struggling even
    more than you are. We have a responsibility to be an ambassador for
    Christ in our daily lives. This is how we fulfill our purpose in life.

    My challenge to you today is to be aware that there is an enemy out
    there who will try everything possible to distract you from fulfilling
    your God-given purpose. Be aware of this trap. Rise above it no matter
    what you may be dealing with and find ways each day to share the hope
    and love of Christ with someone.

    People with a heart for God have a heart for people.

    God did not place people in your life, in your path each day by accident.

    It is your opportunity to serve Him, and lay up treasures in heaven for
    eternity as opposed to focusing on the treasures of this life that will all one day pass away.

    The real measure of our wealth is the treasure we have in heaven.

    The seeds we sow today determine the kind of fruit we’ll reap tomorrow.

    The goal of every child of God should be to please,
    HIM, and let God use our lives to make a difference for HIS Kingdom!

    Your rewards in life are determined by the kinds of problems you are willing to solve for others.

    Love uses what it has to be a blessing;; Amen?


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