A father loves his children. God loves us more than humanly possible. Our earthly fathers want the best for us too. However, If fathers think that what you are asking is not good, then I doubt it whether he would give it to you at all. If you need help from God… then… “Seek and it shall be answered” (Matthew 7:7). No matter how big the problem, God is your Heavenly Father who wants to help you always. If God created the earth and the oceans, the sun and the moon etc… if God can part the sea and move mountains, your problems aren’t big for God to solve at all. So when you need help, even material help, ask God and ask BIG, because He will meet you where you’re at.  God can change rules, policies, statutes overnight or in an instant. God is the God of impossibilities who makes things possible. God wants to give you what you need, God wants you to have it all if it’s the right thing for you.


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